Does he like me? He is one of the most popular guys in school and I am very quiet. He has lots of friends in math class but he always ask me for a pencil or paper also the other day he hit me, on purpose, but not hard and he made sure I was okay after. I'm in 11th grade


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Seriously … You're a Junior, 1 year away from graduating … have no clue whether this guy likes you, and can't ask HIM?

Then you're still not ready for a relationship.

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Sounds like he's using you for stuff...  Also,  why would he hit you on purpose? Even if it wasn't hard and he made sure you were okay.

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From what I see on YouTube people sometimes say on videos that if you do that your kinda flirting I don't believe it. I have never done it. But I have scared My girlfriend by sneaking up on her
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If he likes you it sounds like kindergarten stuff.  Actually it sounds like he's using you for fun. 

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