I get told by a lot of people that I'm different and unique to other people they know and have met. Boys that I've been out with in the past and my current one have all said I'm different to other girls with how I act. Is this good or bad ? :S


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Nothing wrong with this at all unless the Boys dump you immediately after telling you this. God made us all to be different and unique in our own way but many times most people become sheep and just follow each other instead of being different and showing it. So accept it as a compliment and just be yourself and never change for anyone nor become a sheep
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Being who you are whether you are different or like other people does not matter, but I do think being unique has its advantages and its disadvantages like when you write a personal statement for college, you get to say what makes you unique like say for instance, you like to collect tombstones and your favorite holiday is Halloween. Other times, you will get bullied for being so different but you have to stand up to them.

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