Why Are Boys So Stupid And Over Reactive?


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Both male and female are dumb!!!
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Because they are girls are no better well I am! Pftt!
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I don't know, my bf is usually never over reactive, he usually never wants to argue. So, I'm not sure what to tell you, other than to be patient with an over reactive boy. And I don't really think it is fair to say that they are stupid. That's really not nice.n.n
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Wow, what a stereo typical statement. And I guess you would also ask why girls seem to talk too much, be very dramatic and moody.

Some boys are this way and some girls are that way. Maybe if you give more of an example as to what is taking place when you notice this then someone may be able to give you a better answer instead of something that is sarcastic. I am sure there are reasons for everyone to act in different ways under different circumstances. No way to control others so you may as well control yourself and how you react to such actions.
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Boys r so stupid!!!! If I want my bf 2 come talk 2 me my bff has 2 go tell him   :-( they r such retards! I mean does any boy have a brain? Or do they all take a trip 2 Jupiter to get stupider!!!!????
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Well, I agree that some boys are Really stupid, but not all boys are. Some boys are stupid and almost all girls think that. Because boys are mostly the ones to make girls mad. If you are a girl then sometimes you think a boy is stupid because they made you mad or ruined everything. But the main point is boys don't mature as fast as girls. Girls are mostly more mature then boys in your early ages. And boys are mostly over reactive because most boys are very defensive about what people do or say. And mostly when your young, boys feel like if a girl does something mean but by mistake, most times they just wont let it go because girls just mature faster.

:) hope I helped :)
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Boys are stupid^^ and reactive^^?? Hehehe.. I don't know why we are all like that. . Hehehehehehehe

But boys are like that since we boys want to go in first, I mean, we want to start something first, not ladies first.. ^^ its hard to explain, heheheh ^^
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Hi, I would not say boys are stupid, I would just say sometimes you can not make them understand our views about certain things. I think that's why girls and boys are different. Most boys overreact when they feel; they do not know the solution to a situation, which is their defense mechanism to throw you off guard. Boys and men always want to be in charge and think their opinion is the only one that counts. . If not they usually give up and shut down in a relationship. Do not worry, there is one thing we always have in our favor, we have better bargaining chips. You will understand as you get older. Take Care!

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