Are There Any Boys Who Aren't Stupid?


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Yes.  It is easy to spot them.  They don't act like girls.
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Did anyone notice that hottie378 used the wrong word ("your" instead of "you're") in her comment ?
Avery Garcia
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Even though im a girl that is f*cking halarious but their arnet any guys who arnt stupid... Plus boys started of as girls in the womb so slammer u were a girl... And why where u on this page anyways
Avery Garcia
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Im a girl but that is still effing funny! But but to be fair u started of as a girl in the womb so u were a girl once! Congratz!
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There are a lot of stupid boys. But there are a lot of guys that are geniuses and don't care about school so they get bad grades. But if guys can play sports well they usually need to be some what smart to remember all the rules and have the reflexes to do well int he sport.
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Negative... They are all stupid in their own ways but u will find some one thats good in the beginning but then again he will find a way to screw it up... So im going to give u the advise my  best friend(he is a guy) tells me when im angry about the same thing; become lesbian! I chose not to
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NO there are not! Sorry!
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That is a pretty rude question. There are many very intelligent boys out there. There are stupid guys, but there are also clever, quick witted boys out there. I'm not impressed with this question.

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