Are There Any Poems On Missing Your Boyfriend Who Is In Prison?


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There is a poem that you can find on called 'The Game' by Susan Christensen. She wrote the poem while her boyfriend was in jail and she missed him. She describes a game she plays with herself where she allows herself to 'fade away' and imagine an idyllic world with her boyfriend. This is world where love rules and there is no fighting and 'no cells, no courts, none of that madness'. The poem ends on a sad note as she opens her eyes and realizes that in reality she has none of that but looks forward to playing her imaginary game of perfection again.
This poem by Misti L. Green can also be found on and is called 'I Know It'. Misti is suffering from depression after her boyfriend was sent away to jail three days ago. She begins by describing their love and how 'It was love at first sight' but the poem takes a sad turn when she begins describing how she misses her boyfriend and it made her cry when he didn't call when he first arrived in jail. She is pleased that he chose her 'to be your girl' but is counting down the days until her boyfriend is back in her life.
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There are many other poems that may not be specific to missing a person in prison but about missing lovers in general. is a great website to find love poems that express how much you miss a person. Other good poetry websites that contain many poems about love and missing a person are, and

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