What Can I Say To My Boyfriend Who Is In Jail?


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Like Toast said this is interesting. Freedom is a great thing, and you have to fight hard to keep it. Not sure what your boyfriend has done but you have to think about what he did to get in the position that hes in, is it worth you standing by him for. As far as being there for him just write to him as often as you can. Calls from the jail house coast a lot. When he does come out ask him is your relationship mean anything to him. If it does mean something then he should want to go down the right path. You don't want to wast your time with any jailbirds. Good luck
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My question is, why wasn't a lawyer appointed for him? Part of the Miranda rights are that if you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you. I smell rotting fish.
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Ryan Rugraff
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Good chance they may be in a different country where the miranda rights do not apply (the website is based in england). Also I would point out that Louisianna (or used to in recent history) here in the US actually uses a form of napoleanic law, where you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence. Everyplace has it's own laws and legal systems vary greatly from state to state and country to country
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Since the person does not say where they are from, one can only assume that they are refering to the US. As for Louisianna is con cerned, Miranda rights are federal and presumption of innocence is Constitutional, there fore LA would have to recognize both.
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Yes, James. Louisiana's Napoleanic system can only apply when it doesn't violate the U.S. Constitution. All criminal cases must abide by presumption of innocence (common/statutory law in the constution), case law (judicial decisions), and more. Miranda was case law, appealed to the Supreme Court, where it was upheld. Court-appointed attorneys are federal law. It's quite complicated, and no one should go to trial or talk to police or the prosecution without a lawyer present. Cops aren't there to protect your rights or help you in any way. Maybe your boyfriend can appeal the conviction with a lawyer.
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Tell him that it's unfair what happen to him ..and you will do all
you can to help him through this...  Be there for him that's all you can do lawyers cost a lot of money..   Good luck.
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Sing him Elvis presley's song "I'm in the jail house now."
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You can tell him that unfortunately, freedom and justice is only for those who can afford it and that he should learn an occupation while he's in there. When he gets out he can make something of himself so he can afford freedom.

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