How Many Men Wear Chastity Devices?


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The vast majority of men choose not to wear chastity devices, although in recent years the practice of doing so has been increasing.

Chastity Devices

The use of chastity devices is typically associated with medieval times - when it was commonplace for husband's to lock up their wives, to prevent them from being unfaithful whilst they were away at war.

Male chastity devices were also used on adolescent boys sometimes - to prevent them from losing their virginity before they were married.

Male chastity devices were not uncommon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when they were used to prevent masturbation, which some medical experts thought was harmful.

How many men wear chastity belts?
  • It has been estimated that in 2010, thirty thousand European men came to work wearing some sort of chastity device. Usually they were worn to prevent them being unfaithful to their partners.
  • Chastity devices can be harmful to men, so be careful! If they are tight and very rigid they can block the blood flow to the groin and cause tissue numbness and even temporal impotence.
  • Chastity belts or other devices are also used in BDSM activities. They are used as a way of giving the man's partner complete control for the purposes of sexual pleasure.
  • Modern devices can range from rather simple leather or plastic devices to expensive and tailored fitted steel belts.

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