How Compatible Are Taurus Men And Scorpio Women?


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Maud La Roux answered
They are very compatible. Although I am not a Scorpio woman (I'm a Sagittarius!), I have known many Scorpio women who have had extremely loving and long-lasting relationships with Taurus men.

When a Scorpio woman likes a Taurus man... The Scorpio and Taurus signs are on opposite sides of the zodiac, which makes them very attracted to one another. They both posses strong personalities and a willingness to commit to the relationship, which can help towards having a healthy and exciting future together.

  • Taurus men love their women to be very feminine, and luckily for them a Scorpio woman is the epitome of femininity. 
  • A Scorpio woman should prove to be a very loyal, dependable and loving companion, something a Taurus man will always appreciate!
  • Luckily for Scorpio women, Taurus men are the best lovers. Their bullish nature together with their determination to satisfy their partner always makes them extremely gifted between the sheets.
  • A Taurus man will prove to be a very devoted and caring partner for a Scorpio woman, as he is always there to comfort his companion through all the ups and downs of life.
They are very good match indeed!
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Michael Lai answered
They can be quite a compatible couple.  For a detailed explanation please consult your astrology guide.

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