How Do You Get Revenge On A Rude Friend?


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Well man, you can just start observating her. After some time, start becoming friends with her. Then, start gossping, telling lies or... My personal favorite. Get a friend to come near you when she's looking, start pointing at her and start laughing ramdomly. MAAAAN I've gotten so many people pissed off using that. Trust me, it really works!
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Da best way is to talk to her. I also hav a friend like that but give her a back up
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You shouldnt take revenge on your friend as you wil be lowering yourself to her level. She may not have been a caring friend but you having an argument or taking revenge could ruin your friendship.
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Thanks for the help! Recently I've been trying not to stoop down to her level when she starts up a fight or randomly starts being rude to me.

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