How Do U Get Revenge On Someone Who Take You For Granted?


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i use this auto dialer , its very good)

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Success is the best way to get revenge, maybe become a actor or actress, they will see you on tv and wish with all their heart, that they didn't do that to you.
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Hurt isn't the best way but it's fun and I get how you feel,revenge can be sweet but karma is just going to come right back... :) hope I helped
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Ignore them, that kills them so much =)
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If they did practical joke to you then you should also think of some plan to make a practical joke with them. Don't go too beyond to hurt your relationship.

If you are hurt with that joke then you have every right to be rude to your friend and straight forward tell him not to do such action in future. Give him no lift, it will be your revenge.
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PLAY EVEN!!! Just get a water BALLON>> well, you'll get the idea.
In that way it will make you feel good at the same time it will not hurt anyone.....pow --- drip -- drip --drip---RUN!!!!! Ha ha ha. The best place to do this is at school. Get his shorts good and wet.... Lol ----

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