Would you get revenge on someone who is mean to you in High school? If so how would you humilate them or get them back? There's these three girls who are mean to me for no reason and I want to teach them a lesson - how should I?


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It hurts when people do this type of thing. That being said, there really is no point in "revenge" as you're wasting your precious time on people who act the way "they" do. The best thing to do when they say things is Smile and be nice to them! If they don't get a "reaction" out of you, they'll eventually stop...as the response from you is what they seek. Be the bigger person and smile and go on with your day. Good luck! :)

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Rooster Cogburn
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That would be REAL nice.
Godmother TwentyThree
Walk away. At the end of the day, you'll be the bigger person, and you'll feel a lot better. Good luck!
Jeanne Gore
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Be nice, walk away, study to get the best grades you can and look to your own future. Join sports or clubs that you like. Just do what you want, and let these things be your salvation and guide. Bless you and best to you. Oh, yeah, I was there many years ago, and I understand.
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The best revenge is living well. If I could get revenge on all the people that hurt me, I wouldn't do it because it would bring me down to their level.

I don't want to be like them and make someone else's life miserable. And yes, I was bullied in school. Mentally, I can't go there because revenge can be all-consuming.

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