Can a guy fall in love with you after dating you to get revenge on his friend?


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Yes but how do you know if he is really in love is the question. Yes people can fall in love by just using someone, but don't just fall for it just because they say so. If you leave them will they fight to get you back? Do they care about you to do anything for you? That is love, putting someone before yourself. If he doesn't maybe he just simply thinks you cute but make sure he isn't using you. Hope I helped (^_^)

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The guy may eventually become genuine... He may start out as an ass... By then there is what you call the movie guy you know... That perfect guy in the movie who rescues the abused girl... Yes it seems ridiculous to think that, but so many beautiful women, intellectual women, fall for who they believe is their guy. Don't settle, settle for what's meant for you and that guy that makes you feel like there is no need to be someone different. Why should we change to meet standards? 
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Yes. I don't think people can choose who they fall in love with, when they will fall in love, how, and if the other person will feel the same. So love is one of the biggest mysteries ever. You might be ecstatic to discover it... or broken by it. Don't make fake love. Like changing yourself or being someone you are not. Then they aren't falling in love with you.
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Anything is possible in life and love but this is one place you definitely don't want to be and youre setting yourself up for a huge heartache here so stay clear of these 2, and find someone else here.  Good luck and Merry Christmas

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Psychology! I have high interest in that... What is the discussion and analysis developments like? Sorry I have friends in college but they never want to answer my questions they find me too in depth sometimes. I am accepted either way though :) could you please give me any tips, facts, details? I absolutely live this field of study and I am only a senior haha, quirky right? Well I'm being weird so yeahh
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Social Psychology is the way to go if you cant stand working in a room. US Government paid for my schooling to become a US Federal Officer, but wish you all the luck in your future endeavors

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