What is the best way to help a dear friend who is a hoarder?


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Cookie Roma answered

Horsing is usually the result of OCD.  The only thing is to have your friend get professional help. 

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Angela Anthony answered

Hoarding is not a "problem" per se, it is a symptom of a psychological issue. Until you deal with the emotional/psychological problems causing the symptom, you will not be able to help the hoarding.

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Jann Nikka answered

Professional help and sometimes they don't want help.

I know three and there're very happy being hoarders.

One yuck.

Two clean.

ALittleLostGirl NamedSam Profile

Nag them. They will get sick of hearing it. Help them clean bit by bit. But don't rush, they have to look at everything before throwing it away.including paper.

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Allo Vera answered

There are some online support groups for both the hoarder and their family, there may be local meetings in your area. There are also some good videos online that explain the psychology of hoarding, this may help you understand why a hoarder struggles to get rid of things, they tend to develop an emotional attachment and also struggle to prioritise,  they tend to place importance on everything they hoard. I have a friend who has it.

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