Should one trust her boyfriend after he lied ? She knew that he was going out with his friends but was not to stay drinking. He eventually did. He came clean about it right away the next day and was very sorry and about it. Should she trust him again?


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Absolutely, I think it's more than appropriate to give him another chance. I mean why waste a relationship over a silly little mishap. As long as he promises to never do it again, and goes through with that promise, then I don't see what's wrong with giving the fella' another chance. He is trying more than most of us by coming clean. You should be proud of him for that, if anything. Brag to your friends! "Hey, my boyfriend came clean!" It's a big deal for that kind of stuff to happen with guys. Especially when it has to do with a man's friends.


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Happened to me before with my ex boyfriend, I thought he was already home but then, I knew he wasn't. Of course, that incident made me a bit mad. So, the next day he promised me that he wouldn't do it again, he even cried. That's why I gave him another chance. But, he did it again, I couldn't even count how many times. I know your bf is not the same as mine but don't trust him 100%, because he wouldn't have done silly things he knows would hurt you.

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only if he lied to u more than once and its getting worst u should break up ! BUT if its the first time give it a try.

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