Can A Wife Be Older Than Her Husband By 9 Months? If So, What Are The Problems?


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Gillian Smith answered
An age difference of nine months is nothing at all. you have no problem here at all. There are thousands of couples with age gaps much wider than this.

I can't think of any reasons why there would be any problems you'd have that are related to age. I would dismiss this as totally unimportant. I wonder if someone has said something to upset you because if this is the case then you need to ignore them as you'll create problems when there weren't any.

There are no prescribed rules for saying that a husband should be older than his wife. This is nonsense. If there was a 25 year age difference then yes there could be some problems but not something as insignificant as nine months.
Any problems you have or have in the future will be due to other factors other than age.
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melinda barcum answered
9 months? Try 9 YEARS! I am a woman, 9 years older than my fiancée, I am more educated, make more money, and YES it does work!!! Both just have to want it to work.
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Age difference doesn't matter, the thing which matters most is mutual understanding, love and affection between you and your husband.
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I feel, it is your understanding, affection and love for each other  that matter d most, rather than age.  In any relationship, these aspects are equally important and not the age...
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No way if you love each other so what's the problm iv seen more older women than 9 months it's ok ko need to worry xxx

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