How Would I Come To Know That My Husband Is Faithful To Me?


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See after marriage things are different and relations are different. Everything is on a mature level. The phase when people fall in love in high school is very much different from marriage. The feelings husband and wife shares are very different. After marriage thing change but this doesn't mean their feelings, their emotions and their love for each other changes too.

There can be a possibility of your husband cheating on you, and are many ways of finding that, like he doesn't show interest in any family affairs, and is completely lost in his world. In such a case, you should try and stay calm; because you don't have any proves to show he is cheating on you. You never know many he has other issues like office issues.

You see every relation is based on trust, whether that relation is of a mother and her child, or of a teacher and her student or whether a husband and his wife. If you have faith in your husband then all your doubts will be cleared. And you never know maybe you're assuming all this. If he loves you and your family, then there is no way he can be unfaithful to you. So have trust on him and your relationship with your husband.
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Not a single husband is faithful to his wife for lifetime as he fully satisfied with wife's body he will look for another one what ever you do for him or his family is not enough for him. It is god's creation that man is always polygamous and woman is not polygamous as man.If your husband loves you more then previously he did, that means there is something wrong, if he doesn't show any interest in you or your things it means something wrong, if he doesn't give you his enough time that means he is not yours any more,because man always spend time after that women who is new in his life.don't waste your time to know about your husband's honesty towards you because if you think he is not honest with you , he must not.Why waste time after him? You just make your own goal in your life and try to hit the goal. Marriage and husband are not the only thing what you should have in your life.Let him go on his way, you find your own way to live. Best of luck.
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All you have to do is keep God first in your relationship and keep doing the right thing eventually if he is not faithful to you then he will eventually open his eyes and see that you ar ethe person that he loves and is the person tha is always their for you. If you suspect that he is cheating on you then maybe he is but if their is no evidence then you just have to keep trusting him that he is doing the right thing cause if you are wrong and com front him that he is cheating on you  then that will cause him to actually start cheating on you so I would say if you know your husband you know if he is cheating on you by the feelings and emotions that you have for him its deep within
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Asking someone if they are cheating will not "make them cheat". Someone that is willing to cheat has a character flaw. I know of a man and his wife got a dibilitating disease and he stayed faithful to her even though she did not remember who he was... And she was unable to do even basic personal care without the aid of a nurse. If you are wondering if your marriage can sustain the long term pressures and temptations that are out there... Than try to get your marrage to the place where you kno
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The only way you can come to know that your husband is faithful to you is if you are with him  every minute, all the time. !!                                                                   Seesee
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