How Can I Obtain Peace Of Mind After Being Cheated On?


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Achieving peace of mind after someone has cheated on you is very difficult. It requires great personal strength, and a significant amount of perseverance.

It's hard to think of any bigger breach of trust than a spouse or partner being unfaithful. All sorts of emotions can be unleashed, and it can sometimes seem as if peace of mind couldn't be further away.

My suggestion would be to approach the situation calmly and in your own time.

Finding peace of mind after being cheated on

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is natural to be angry, hurt and upset. Don't fight these feelings, but rather work through them.

Just like a physical injury, heartache takes time to heal.

Why not try getting involved in some sort of physical activity? Even just jogging or working out regularly will really help to get you back into the right state of mind (although you may find an activity that involves aiming kicks at a punchbag is more cathartic).

I've been cheated on, how can exercise help?

Exercise has multiple benefits:
  • It boosts the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and enthusiastic
  • It gives you a routine and occupies your time (making it easier to keep busy and forget)
  • It gets you in shape (and gives you the kind of body your ex will kick themselves for missing out on)
  • It's also a great way to socialize and meet other people (perhaps even a future boyfriend/girlfriend)
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This is very difficult to achieve after such a difficult time. When somebody is unfaithful your world can fall apart and your emotions are all over the place.

Some people never really find peace of mind after something like this but you can find peace of mind.
If you dwell on what's happened the feelings of hurt will never go away. Try very hard to be positive and not dwell on the past and negative feelings.

If you are still with the person who cheated on you and they are truly sorry, don't keep throwing what happened into their face. If they are doing their best to make amends and you've agreed to try again let it lie or no wounds will heal.

When someone hurts you like this your confidence can be badly damaged. Try very hard to have a good postive image of yourself as you've done nothing wrong.

Time will heal but the scars can remain so it's very important to fill your life with good things and try not to live in the past.
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I am going through this betrayel with my husband and it has been so damaging. He was with her while I was in the hospital, after I had just given birth to our daughter. Our phone bill reflected he iniciated the relationship, cause all the calls were outgoing.
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Peace of mind is a relative concept just like cause and effect. If somebody cheats you, you first need to console your heart.

Cheating is a very common phenomenon in today's world. To get over the feeling, you should take a break and sit beside your nearest and dearest ones and chat with them so that it changes your mental state.

The other way to overcome it is by going for an outing. The other measure of consoling yourself is that there could be something worse that could have happened. So it is better to overcome the feeling.
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The more one thinks of sad things the more chance of it becoming a part of life. Eventually, one finds it difficult to get rid of this feeling.

Try to think less of your past. Concentrate on your present to make your future free of such unpeaceful situations. Consider that relationship a chapter. Now the chapter is closed, get ready to move on to the next chapter to know what your life is containing for you.

Still, if you cannot do this, try to be a part of some community work and talk with underprivileged people. You will find that life contains other elements in addition to being cheated on or being loved.

You will come across many people who even after losing almost everything in life manage to keep a smile on their faces. Learn from them and make your life liveable.
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I went through the same thing last year. My boyfriend cheated on me with another one of my friends and now I have a new boyfriend.

If he cheated on you, then he isn't worth being missed anyway!

I'm sure that you can find someone even better than him and he won't do the same thing. You just have to get back out there because missing him isn't going to bring him back.

I learned that the hard way. So please don't do what I did and get back out there and find yourself another guy or just go with the flow and hang with your friends and maybe he'll come to you.
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Why do you have the stuff hanging around taking up valuable space in the crammed quarters of the "grieving mind"?

Should that person wish to return into your life....make them pay rental for all the space in your mind taken up with this pity mode.

Move on - the world awaits you...Go do something else - soon!

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