What Is Peace Of Mind?


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Peace is always enjoyable for all of us. We all want peace all around us and all around the globe. Peace is a thing which is hard to keep and difficult to maintain but still we try our level best to get to it. It is always important to seek for peaceful milieus.

Peace of mind is the outcome of many things. At times, we find people who are not relax and who are depressed because of many problems. There are people who have to bar many troubles around them. So they must be missing peace of mind. Whatever they do, wherever they go, they would be in dire need of peace of mind but they will fail to get it any where. In fact, peace of mind comes from two things; one is the internal condition of human being and the other is external environment. Both inter mix with one another to develop the harmony of mind. It relaxes mind and make us feel like things are very simple and easy. Hope we would have peace of mind at ease!
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The word peace can be explained in different terms for different categories of people. Some people find peace in making relations, some people find peace in wealth, some like to gain peace in love, some people search peace in hard work while others search it in leisure and marry makings. So far peace of mind is concerned it is very difficult to be explained because it varies according to different person to person.
No doubt people today try to seek peace of mind in wealth, property, relations and many other recreations like going to bars and discos, drinking and many other useless activities. God Almighty has created human beings according to a specific system and many rules and regulations are told and imposed through Holy Books and Holy Prophets.
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When you can sleep without disturbances and wakes up fresh in morning is what I call peace of mind!

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