Is it bad I haven't lost my virginity yet? I'm 16 and some people told me it's weird I haven't lost it yet and I'm really confused.


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It's not weird at all.

There is no "Time Line" for these types of events in your life. Follow your heart.

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No, it's lovely that you haven't, sex isn't the be all and end all. It's a sad old state of affairs when those around you think it's "weird" to be a virgin at "16."

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I waited till i was 21 whats the rush u have your whole life. Too many diseases and guys out their playing women. Dont get used

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Anonymous. ....... "Are you still a virgin"  The very question might make you cower!  After all, in many places a youth who is a virgin is likely to be viewed as a curiosity,  an oddball.  No wonder so many young people have sex before they're out of there teens.

However, being the victim of unrelenting teasing and harassment for being a virgin is no full at all!  For instance, what if your peers tell you that you're not a real man or woman unless you've had sex?  Your peers make sex seem exciting and normal, but there is a side of premarital sex that your peers don't  talk about.  Some may feel embarrassed and ashamed.  Such experiences are more typical than most young people realize.  In reality,  premarital sex is often an emotionally painful experience - with devastating consequences!

The fact is, God never intended for us to misuse our procreate powers.  Don't be intimated by anyone who wants to put you down:  It's a personal matter and you don't have to discuss your business with anyone.

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Its not weird at all. Some people of that age think you have to do it to be "cool". Im over the age of 20 and I'm still a virgin and I've never had a girlfreind!

Only do it if you want to. Let no one else make that desicion for you.

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No need to compare yourself to others, youll end up in a neverending painful struggle.

Compare yourself to yourself a few days, weeks, months ago and see how you are better today.

Or just focus on the only important thing, this moment right now, and watch your problems dissolve.

No need to listen to people either. Apart from me, listen to me :D

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I am going to guess you probably have not eaten Escaroles 

Escamoles are the larvae of a venomous ant species that lay their eggs deep down in the roots of agave or maguey plants in Mexico (so harvesting them is not a barrel of laughs). The larvae are said to have a consistency akin to cottage cheese and taste somewhat nutty; they’re normally eaten as the filling in a taco or omelette.

If you haven't eaten them, then that's not weird either.

And if you "lose your virginity" before YOU don't think it's weird, you might have enjoyed eating Escamoles more.

And the link is

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Tom  Jackson
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Yeah, I did have to reach. But the worse I ever had was lousy and I was trying to convey that concept. (In modern folklore, that is not typically a "manly" response.)

Normally, doing something because it somehow seems polite and expected is a sufficient reward (at least in retrospect), but sexual intimacy is not achieved automatically by sexual intercourse.

Sometimes playing with fire subjects you to that unanticipated "backdraft," and you understand things that you might wished you learned some other way.

Absolutely nothing wrong with either her or me, but I still think it akin to the experience had by Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.
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And I'm glad you mentioned cottage cheese---I (still) love that stuff.
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brilliant explanation lol!
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Don't lose your virginity.  These people telling you that it's weird are just putting the typical social pressure on you.  Don't give into it.  If you feel that you are fine just the way you are, then stay that way.  To be honest, it is strange that these people have lost their virginity.  They are only 16 after all. 

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No. I am so sorry that some people feel that way. Obviously they are very immature and most likely your peers. Keep this in mind, there is great responsibility in having sex, not to mention the risks. Sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy and emotionally attaching yourself to someone who you don't love and may not love you. Pray about it.

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It is not bad at all. It just means you care more about yourself than your so called friends. When you choose to lose your virginity it should be because you truly love who you are giving it to. Don't be like your careless friends.

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It is absolutely not weird! For one thing, fornication is sex without genuine commitment. And besides undermining self-respect, it can result in disease, unwanted pregnancy, and emotional pain. Even when no dire consequences, such as pregnancy, result, illicit relations often leave one feeling hurt and empty. Says the book The Private Life of the American Teenager: “Some feel exploited by boyfriends who threaten to walk out unless they agree to have intercourse. And if they do agree, they often end up feeling used, especially if the relationship ends or if it continues on a purely sexual basis.”
Therefore, treasure your virginity! Don’t let others make you ashamed of it or persuade you to toss it away. As a girl named Carly puts it, “Why let yourself be ‘used’ for someone else’s instant gratification? Take care of what you have worked so hard to maintain!”

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I lost mine at 17 but there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin at that age. Just typical peer pressure. It's you body, your choice.

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