How Can I Improve Communication With My Boyfriend?


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Communicating is really important to any relationship.
It requires both you and your boyfriend to:

  1. Share opinions openly
  2. Be ready to listen and respect each other
If you are looking for ways to improve communication, here are a few pointers that have helped me along the way:

How to improve communication in a relationship

  • Time is a key factor in communication.
Both me and my husband work, and we've also got two kids to look after. This leaves very little 'alone time' for us to just sit down and talk (let alone do other stuff!).

Making time is really important. We usually have a quiet chat about our day, and all the issues that affect us, right before bed. We do this over a cup of tea, and I find it one of the most relaxing and intimate parts of my day.

  • Have a sense of humor.
Everyone knows laughing is good for a relationship, and it can really help communication. If you both make an effort to joke around once in a while and not take things to personally or seriously, this will make communication a lot easier.

In our relationship, me and my husband often poke fun at each other and tease and joke about.
It breaks the tension, and means that we can communicate more easily without getting uptight or offended.

Every relationship is different, but as long as you've got honesty and love, communication will follow.
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Try opening up to him more.
Share more of your thoughts with him. If you are feeling a certain way about something, then discuss it with him.
That's opening up the lines of communication.
Communicating is all about opening up.

Lack of communication can kill a relationship and you don't want that. Communication is the key to a successful and healthy relationship. Remember that!
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Communication is the single most important relationship skill, because any other quality that's lacking (or problem encountered) can be dealt with positively if you have good communication. Without it, everything else seems much worse.
Good communication requires courage, honesty and confidence. It also requires practice. Especially if it's not a skill that comes to you naturally.

Just being a good talker is not enough because effective communication is about listenng too.
In fact, listening is a key component.

If you don't understand what your partner is saying, always ask, never assume.

You might consider taking a course in communication, together with your partner if he's willing. In the meantime, read Wayne Dyer's book, `Pulling your own strings' which is an excellent guide to the rules and importance of assertiveness.

Assertiveness is another important aspect of communication. Trust your love with this guy and practise, practise, practice.

All life-skills take effort just as much as learning a language or playing a sport.

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