Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?


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Lexi Profile
Lexi answered
Ive had enough of boys.....
Jessie Profile
Jessie answered
I have the most amazing woman and we're getting married next year
ashley burnett Profile
ashley burnett answered
I have a boyfriend and he is the most amazing guy(:
Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
Bella, look, if you're only 11 years of age, you are too young to be on blurtit, too young to have boyfriends, too young to have girlfriends.
Look, I am trying to tell you you are too young, period.
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Isabella Hunt
Isabella Hunt commented
You dont have to be mean! I am not too young to keep animals!! And I really love Blurtit!
Lexi commented
LOL. Btw, isabella was joe b apparantly=)
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I have a boyfriend he is the best thing that ever happened to me i love him so much he tells me everyday how i make him feel

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