Why are most of the men that I meet materialistic ? I mean, they choose rich women to be their girlfriends.


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Girl then I think you're in the wrong place! It's like if your in a bar you'll meet all the drinkers and you cant question why it happens and if you're in a park... you'll meet all the happy guys and you can't question why it happens!

I think you should just come out of that thinking and believe not all of them are like that! That may help.

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Maybe it's the kind of guys you hang around with that's the problem... Personally, I think the type of guys who would only be interested in a woman for her money are young deadbeats who want to take advantage of older women, rather than do some proper work.

Don't get me wrong, there are women like that out there too.

Either way, I would recommend connecting with a new circle of people if most of the men you currently meet are like this.

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