What would you do if you found out you were slowly dying?


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Well I have lupus. I'm slowly dying anyway, so I try to have everyday.

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Live each day to it's fullest!!

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I would try and visit all my relatives (first) and friends (second) to tell them how important they are to me. Then I would take a real vacation with my son, something that would give him some wonderful memories of our times together. Lastly, I would write my son a letter for each milestone he would hit without me (marriage, having his first baby, etc.) so he would know how much I loved him.

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I just know my limitations, take my meds, and otherwise live life to the fullest. Once you have accepted it, it doesn't worry you anymore. :)

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Not a lot. I certainly wouldn't dwell on it.

One thing worth doing would be to make sure that those who depend on me would be able to cope.

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Panic and cry.

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Once you reach adulthood and have finished growing, you effectively start to slowly die. So I would keep on keeping on. If I found out something might actually be speeding up that process, I would evaluate if there was something I can do to stop or slow it, and what that would do to my quality of life. I wouldn't put too much effort into something that would make miserable for a few extra weeks.

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I would re-do my will.  Liquidate.  Save up medication to have control over timing.  Put the papers in order.  Call everyone to chat about everything except my health.  Travel to the Isle of Sky, the Orkney Islands, Italy, and Sweden.  I would buy only single malt scotch, get another cord of wood for the fireplace, and settle in for a beautiful Canadian winter 

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Rath Keale
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Retired Kop, there is a book called Final Exit which is directed at seniors who wish to control their means and time of departure. The book has large print and covers everything, including which drugs to cache and how to get them. It also covers the social element of the departure. It also explains how to not mess it up. I'm not encouraging you, but the information is there for people who prefer the driver's seat to the passenger's seat.
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Colorado is concentrating on assisted action. This book explains how to protect loved ones from prosecution and blame; it describes how to set up everything so that a person can carry through alone in their home. It also talks about how to prepare family for this event. The law is not a component in this. The book is entirely practical. It also helps you with criteria for making such a decision.
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I hope this event is a long time away. I like your counsel and your company.
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I'd hire a funeral director, less stress and more time to spend for the rest of the family.

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Well, in a sense, aren't we all?

My response has varied at the different times in my life that I have been consciously aware of that fact.

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