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I've never dated before and I have always said I would never use a date site. I'm 23 and work all the time so I don't get out much unless it's with my mom. Who has used this site and is it safe? Any tips on using online dating sites? 


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Don't let the name of the site lull you into a feeling of security. I used to work with a young guy who, with his friend, attended church every Sunday. They weren't Christians: He said they went there to harvest those girls who were a bit naive and would trust them.

Not a nice thing to do. Don't let it happen to you ... Unless, of course, that's what you want.

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Any so called dateing site who does not do

a back ground check is just out to take your money.

Your life is worth more than that.

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Taylor Taylor
Taylor Taylor commented you know if christianmingle.cim does background checks so that they don't take my money for the wrong reason?
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Thank you! I will use caution if I decide to use it.

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