Do girls love to touch their breasts ?


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Boys never grow up and want a mommy,  and brest to play with , it is an easy way to get turn on. Fetishes are a way to get turn on too , and if you have a bladder problem where you can not hold it anyway why not have a diaper fetish, or a brest fetish what does it hurt nothing .fetish and fantasies are just some thing that come to our minds from time to time , feel free to live them out as long as they are not hurtful to you , if it causes pain it is not good. Or if you like pain another fetish , you just need a limit you do not cross
Misty Callum Profile
Misty Callum answered
I love to! It's fun!
Cait Lynn Profile
Cait Lynn answered
Kinda sorta when I'm alone. I read that it helps make em grow but my mom says its not true.
Maria Not Telling Profile
Well you kinda I mean there always there and well you can play with them lol
millicent williams Profile
Depends I supose, my mother used to tell me off when she caught me doing it so I did it all the more.I did find it sort of pleasant though.

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