Do Girls Enjoy Having Their Breasts Fondled?


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Some girls do! If you’re not sure if your girlfriend is one of these girls, the best thing to do is ask her.

What Not To Do When Fondling A Girl’s Breasts
  • Be rough. Breasts are tender, you know!
  • Focus just on a girl’s breasts. No woman wants to feel you’re only interested in her chest - touch the rest of her body, too.
  • Bite. Licking and sucking is fine, but don’t bring your teeth into this!
So How Can I Fondle A Woman’s Breasts In A Way That She’ll Like?
  • Watch her body language. You should be able to tell what she likes - if she presses into you when you touch her, or smiles, or sounds as if she’s enjoying it, then you’re probably doing it right.
  • Work your way towards her boobs gradually - touch her neck, arms, sides, stomach...give her whole body attention.
  • Rub your thumb gently over the nipple. However, nipples can be really sensitive, so make sure you’re not hurting her.
How Does It Feel For A Girl?
If a woman’s in the mood for sex, it’ll usually feel great when a guy touches her boobs. Try playing with her breasts during foreplay. It’s a real turn-on for some girls - not everybody is the same, though, so ask your girlfriend if you’re in any doubt.
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Intercourse will usually lead to breasts being fondled. Some girls like it, but don't smack them too hard, or watch your penis get smacked...
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They definitely do! But not many men are actually interested in breasts, believe it or not! Snore...
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It depends on who the guy is and how much I like him.

Foreplay is important to intercourse.

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