A girl keeps staring at me non-stop but has only spoken to me once, just to say thanks. What does this mean? does she like me?


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Trying talking to her every once in awhile.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Well, best thing to do is try try again! There are a LOT of young ladies out there. You will find yours! I guarantee it!
Rooster Cogburn
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Hang in there! Take it from an old guy, the right lady is out there for you! Took me many years, but I've finally found my soulmate and love her dearly. Yours is there! You'll see.
Rooster Cogburn
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You're welcome! Take care and take your time! :)
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spunky monkey , awesome winner, answered

Yes she does.  I did it one time before and finally he asked me why I was staring at him so I told it's because I liked him.   I didn't know how else to tell him 

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Elena Cacho
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How do you know she doesn't like you?
Elena Cacho
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Sometimes girls lie because they don't want the boy to know just in case the boy doesn't like her back, makes fun of her or rejects her. She might be lying or maybe she just doesn't like you. Find out which one.
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Emi Long answered

Try complimenting her, ask her questions get to know each other

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David Shabazi answered

She obviously has peculiar behavior, and normally no one would act that way, so there's a chance that she does like you.

Talk to her; get a chance to know her. Don't mess it up if she's the kind of girl you want to be with. Good luck!

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