should children be allowed to go anywhere they wish?


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No. They aren't smart enough to know where NOT to go.

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Absolutely NO.

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I would have to say no. Children are young and inexperienced. We live in a time where predators abound. Children are easy prey.  Although they may want to be apart of everything that is going on, it is not up to them to decide. The bible tells us that children are a gift from God. With that being said parents are to  protect their children. One main way you do this is by setting boundaries.

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Defintiely not! On the news tonight there were three boys around 8-10 years old walking home from school. They have a path they are suppose to stay on. They didn't stay on it. They went behind a fence they were not suppose to go behind and tried to cross a canal by walking on a drainage pipe. One 8 year old boy slipped and fell into 3 feet of water. One of the other boys pulled him out, but he was unconscious. He is now in the hospital in critical condition. So as you can see the answer is a resounding NO!

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Of course not!  How in the world would a child manage out 'there' in the real world (with little to no knowledge about how the world works)  when adults (equipped with the knowledge, or should I say .. Supposedly equipped)  have a hard time to do so.

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It seems to me, in an urban environment children need to
understand the strict rules. The city has many dangers and temptations. But I have to use some of the technology to be quietly When you live on a farm or in the community, to educate the child much easier.

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