So I'm seeing this guy. He was on top of me just kissing like you do before you have sex and he got off. We didn't have sex because he got off. Then we were going to try tonight and the same thing happened. What is the problem?


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Bryce Kolbeck Profile
Bryce Kolbeck answered

Maybe he's not ready

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Lys Brown answered

He's just not ready for it yet darling. Don't get too worried about it. Just try to take it slower next time. Anyone doesn't like rushed sex. Take it slow and it will also be more meaningful and enjoyable.

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Kathryn Amis answered

There could be a lot of things going on here.

If its your first time having sex with him, he could just be nervous!  We women always assume that guys are more experienced than them, but it could be he's pretty new to it all and feels a bit overwhelmed.

Another thing women think - is that guys are always up for sex. But some guys need longer to get in the mood and you have to be sensitve to that.  If he feels your tension - your wanting to 'try again'  it maybe makes him lose all that passion you've been building up together.

Because it's all about passion and togetherness - not about trying and failing.  When you've been kissing and it's time for the next step - it should come naturally - you'll just get carried away by the emotion. 

I don't think you should question him or put pressure on him - that could be a real relationship breaker. Play it cool and see where it goes - and have fun- it's meant to be enjoyable!

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