How Do I Put Up A Parental Block Against Pornography For My Children's Internet Safety?


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if you are running windows xp you have the ability to set up separate accounts through the control panel and using Internet options/tools, you go to the tab that says content and it lets you set the limit as you see fit to the amount of language, sex, nudity and graphic violent content that you want your kids to have access to. No need to download a thing. Just set the limits and enable an administrators password. It's set until you modify it.
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There are a number of softwares that can be used to block Pornographic websites for children. According to my knowledge, Parental Filter is the best of all. It is 100% free porn blocker. It is automatic and starts with the starting of computer. Here is a link from where you can download it for free:
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Previously I did a little research, and found those softwares:

Hope it can help you protect your kids.

Good luck.

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