Who Pays Child Support For A Father Without Job And Is A Minor?


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If the father is not working and child support has been ordered, the state will pay the support, but will garnish the wages of the father once he finds a job until the full restitution is made.
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How old are you?
If this is your kid, and you are a teenager still, and have no job, then NO ONE pays the support .... YET. Once you do get a job, and if there is an order for support, you will have it either taken from your check or if you follow the order, you will write a check or give money to the state every month.

If you don't pay, and the mother is also young and needs help, either her parents end up saddled with the financial burden or the state does.
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The taxpayers pay the support.
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You can get welfare but you will have to list the father his age etc. And when you and he become of age and get jobs you will have to pay the state back....

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