What Percentage Of A Father's Paycheck Goes Toward Child Support For A Child?


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How much money your child gets depends on how much you earn. If you are in the UK, there are four set thresholds for child support amounts depending on how much you earn per month. Other factors which can alter this are the ages and school fees of the child or children, and whether they have any special needs, in which case they will more than likely get more money from you.
If you are in the US, the amount is calculated into a flat percentage by the court, taking into account how much you earn and whether the child or children have any extra needs. It may also take into account the mothers financial situation. If she is earning a lot then you may not be required to pay as much, but is she is not earning much or is on benefits and you are earning a fair wage, then again you may be required to pay more.
Because the amount to be given is a flat percentage based on your income, it will vary greatly from person to person and so without further detail from you I cannot give you an exact percentage for your specific contribution. What you can do if you wish to find out is contact your local authority, whose number should be easily findable in either your local yellow pages or on the internet. They should be able to give you a better idea of the boundaries and thresholds for the different percentages of child benefit given.  Another option is to contact your partner, because they will be able to tell you how much it is that they get from you per month for the child or children.
Child support is a vital service for mothers who do not earn much.
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Apparently men can live on $50 per week.  Child Support Enforcement does not care about the father......only the child..
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Ah, would you have it any other way? My ex thinks I can raise 2 kids on $50 per week. If I put in what he put in, do you think you could raise 2 kids on $400 per month with rent, elec, food, clothes...no. Kids need a lot more than that, and as their parents, we must suffer to provide for them...after all we made them.
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It used to be that each state was different on the percentage of support they took, in California it's 50%, when I lived in Texas they took 100% as I had a tip job, so now I live in Idaho and I'm wondering what it is there?
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They can only take up to 50% . But the way they do it is they take your total amount for the month times that by 12 and then divide that by 52 and then they see how he is paid and figure up it that way.
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What percentage do they take if you are married? How can you court order a Mother to have a DNA test and is there a statute of limitations on DNA test
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It depends on the amount you make. AT the time, you fill out a form asking you about your finances. They try to figure out how much you will need to pay your bills. Then the mother report all of her finances. They figure it out that way. The more you make, the more they take.

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