Can A Step Father Sue The Real Father For Child Support If The Mother No Longer Has An Income?


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Well I, do know that you have all rights to claim the child for tax purposes,weather he starts to pay child support or not as long as the child's resides with you and the mother.I do also think that she has to take him for support unless you adopted him.
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No but, if you go to your child support services office you can file a petition for child support and use a state lawyer. We had split custody which means 1 wk here and one week at other parents it was a 50/50 divided and the mom went for child support and even though we had them the same amount of time she still got $600 a month =( The reason b/c he made more than her! Now that sucks!!! The answer tell your wife to get a job and support her child on her weeks. I am so tired of these moms and dads that don't support there own children! We have custody now and get maybe $75 a month b/c we settled on that but, honestly to keep my step kids safe and sound I don't care she can keep her money =)
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No, I would think that you could not but your wife could.  Have her contact an attorney for a full discussion of the possibilities.

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