Can I Refuse Child Support If I Dont Want The Father In My Daughters Life?


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You can refuse support however, it will not help keep him out of her life if he wants to be part of it. If there is supported documentation that he could be a danger to her a judge may request an investigation or have supervised visitation. Sometimes that will deter the father from visits as they don't like the supervision during visits. If he is not a bad father you keeping him from being in his daughters life could backfire on you if there is a court order for visitation you may be held in contempt. Your daughter could also depending on her age resent you from keeping her father from her. Hope this helps.
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You can refuse child support all you want but that fact of the matter is you can't keep him from your child with out him signing away his parental rights or you winning full physical and legal custody without no visitation. And that is hard to do unless you can prove to the courts he is an unfit parent. But you need hard proof
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You can refuse child support from the father, but when it comes to the man seeing his child might be hard to do.
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The word child support is telling you it is for the child .how ever you could ask for supervised visitations but the courts want the parents to be in the life of the no
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You can but wont do you any good in getting rid of the father. Unless he signs off his parental rights the courts will allow him visitation rights whether hes paying support or not. Also you would have to have a really good justified reason for requesting this to persuade the Judge to side with you but most likely will never happen so get used to it and forget running as this would only cause more legal problems and you could lose custody due to endangerment
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You are not required to accept child support, but if this is the legal father, that step alone does not terminate his legal rights.

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