I Have Three Adult Children That I Have Not Seen In Over 15 Years Can Any One Help Me To Find Them?


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There are many sites on here that you can look someone up..you have the names go under people search..if you have there ss.number that makes it a lot easier..I'm always looking lost people up.if they aren't 18 yet its probably going to be easier to look up there dad..good luck to you,hope all goes well
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Yes, I believe I know where two of your kids are -- but please give me some personal info about yourself so I know that you are their mom-
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Dennis Darr
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I have met all three of your children, Korey, Zach and Andrea. Korey lived with me for over a year, and Zach was always at our house. We would go to Andrea's all of the time. I see Korey every now and again walking the streets of Sacramento, in the Madison, Greenback, Hillsdale area. Your daughter Andrea is a beautiful sweet girl. The last time I saw her she was living up in Newcastle, with her boyfriend, and had a beautiful daughter. And Zach has a daughter also she was a beautiful baby the last time I saw her. I hope you do find them, because I think you would make a positive mark on all of their lives. It has been a while since I have seen all three of them, and while there were some bad times with me Zach and Korey, I miss them all very much.

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