Can anyone give me some advice for my 13 year old brother? He's just told me he's gay :S and no religious homophobia please!


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Dayana Moore answered
Hmm I personally don't think that's something he or your family should be ashamed of but kids his age are rude so he shouldn't tell it to everyone yet I'm not saying he should hide it but really to to keep it for himself and his closest friends & family.
And also he's very young it could be just a temporary base or something.
Sarah Johnson Profile
Sarah Johnson answered
It doesn't change who he is. He is still your brother and you still care and love him. What his sexual preferences are. Is kinda his choice. I wouldn't ask my brother what he did in the bedroom any other time. I might not agree with him on many things and on many of his life choices, but in the end, you still love your siblings. Just keep going on like as if he told you he changed his favorite color to green. Just another fact about him, nothing more.

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