How long does the emotional pain go on when someone hurts you?


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I think that's entirely up to you! It's definitely not anything any one likes to go through, however, nothing ventured nothing gained. Give yourself some time, but after awhile, it's time to pick yourself up by your boot straps and find someone who actually cares for you. 

Not all women are out to see what they can gain, or looking to hurt someone, some of us are actually nice and genuine people who want someone to care about us just the same. We're out there! Just gotta find a good one!

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Yep :D
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As long as you want to dwell on it or how much time you spend over thinking things...try not to do the what if, or if only can't go backwards so please don't waste your time or sanity trying to answer all the questions you probably have. You will find another-they say that happens when you stop looking for it! Good luck!

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LOL, good question. I think because the things that I do know are things I recently learned. That being said, I am finally in my own apartment and supporting myself again. I just got a bunch of belongings he and i accrued together and I am coming across a lot of different emotions as I open more and more boxed full of "our" things or things that were his growing up. So I am in a place emotionally full of questions, uncertainty, mixed emotions of hurt, anger, rage etc. That being said
I always have been able to offer great advice to others, I just stink at following my own though. So I am catharticly helping myself while trying to be helpful to others. Does that answer your question? Thanks much!!
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Thank You :)
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Depends on who the person is! If they are really close then yes if just a hello hi friend then not much time! And if someone I love then I simply take every breath with pain! I'm really sensitive so you can imagine... tears are a part of me!

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