What Would You Rather Date A Blonde Or Brunette?


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Rena Chisholm answered
Well, it all depends on what color my hair is at the time I am asked this question. Lol
   Actually though, If you are asking about what men like best, I think it is auburn colored hair. Heh heh
 Blonde makes a womans' skin tone look really washed out unless she has dark skin or a nice tan.
Auburn looks very nice on pale and olive skinned women. So really it just depends on skin tone and a persons' likes and dislikes.
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Moe Pence answered
I think being from an Italian family, I've always gone after the brunette and darker haired guys.  I like to see a man with visible hair on his arms, legs and chest, and a lot of blonde men don't have this attribute.  I did date a couple of men with darker blonde hair, but both men that I ended up marrying were brunettes.  It's just a preference, and of course, the personality has to be as attractive as the hair color is!
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Why are you not including redheads? That's discrimination
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No, I'm not discriminating red heads. You just always hear people asking what's better, blondes or brunettes. I'm just not adding red heads in it cause then i would get people asking me what about dirty blondes or people with black hair. Then i would have to try to name all different colors of hair to make sure I'm not discriminating anyone. It would be a lot of typing. For example, Have you ever seen those sunsilk comercials? Where the blondes are going against the brunetts. Well I'm just asking what you would perfur. I added the (not including red heads) because I wanted to let people know that I know there are more than just 2 colors of hair. Sorry if I offended you, thanks 4 commenting though (:
Hello Boss
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SEE, now you are discriminating against BALD people, can't win here can you.
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Well, I'm getting sick of people thinking that blondes are sexier or prettier  then brunnetts and now it's becoming a stereotype, that brunnets are always burried under books and studying while blondes are being sluts or something I don't think that either one is fair. I think there are some dumb brunnets and dumb blondes and I think they are some pretty brunettes and pretty blondes I would date both, but I wouldn't date somebody just because of their hair color anyway what do you think blondes or brunnettes?
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Ummm, I'm blonde and have a lot of blonde friends and just that basic fun blonde thing. I'm not stupid, but i have my moments haha. I actually like brunetts better if i was gonna go out with a guy. But hair color doesent matter to me, except if its green or something,haha
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carrie answered
Well, I am a blonde and tend to prefer blondes. But I have never dated anyone based on their hair color. My ex husband was brunette...hmmmm, maybe I should go back to blondes!  just kidding.
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Morgan Hannah answered
It depends on their personallities, and what interests they have. For me, my personal type is a blonde boy (with short hair, no long, curly hat-headed weird cuts) and blue eyes. (dark eyebrows with a blonde is a bonus but not needed), but I have fallen in love with a brunette, and he is absolutely gorgeous, and nice, and goofy and Mexican. He makes me smile and laugh every day (in my Leadership class). So, really, it's about their qualities and goals and things like that.
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Better for what? I don't understand your question. Please explain your question as to what you are trying to ask. Thank you and Good Blurting.
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Now my response looks stupid. The original question posted here was "Which is better, Blondes or Brunettes". This must have been posted by a BLONDE.
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Valentina Villa answered
I personally think it depends on the guy! If the guy only likes her for her looks, than blonde but otherwise brunette
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That is the most ignorant thing ive ever heard of. Guys should like a girl for her personality yes, but NO he wont like a BLONDE JUST for her looks but a brunette because of her personality.. Your so friggin rude. Im pretty sure a guy could just like a brunette because shes good looking, and believe it or not, guys like blondes for their personality a lot of the time to... God.
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Caleb Iamlegend answered
I would say blonde,but I really would care if she was dark haired or a brunette as long as see had a good personality and some I could get along with.-Iamlegend
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jackie pendley answered
Mine is pretty simple I'm a brunette female who is attracted to blonde males more.
Though I don't really mind them having a different hair color, just an attraction.

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