Is telepathy possible in love?


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Arthur Wright answered
Yes sometimes when a relationship is made in Heaven the couple becomes so close that they actually can think what the other person is thinking but this usually comes later when a relationship is older and really isn't telepathy per se
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Yes but it if you meet someone when you get married grow old with them you will know what they want what they're thinking.
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Yes I believe it is possible between a couple , who have been lucky enough to find true love .
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I would say yes since telepathy is the meeting of the minds of two people and lovers can come so close to one another that they can at times tell what the other is thinking...the best to you
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Very much so. I have seen it in many older couples. Not a matter of "knowing" the person well. A keen-ness of the other person. It is a bit eerie. I believe it is how your creator intended. Be joyful.
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First thing is that every thing is possible in love.
Telepathy is god given art. Many people have this magic naturally.
One can capture someone mind by telepathy.
But if we apply it in love it will be used negatively.
So the people who have this power naturally can use it in love.

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