Why do people stay in a relationship with someone they are unhappy with?


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There could be many reasons for this. For one it could be because they are attracted to them and they don't think that they could ever feel that way with someone else, thus they are afraid of leaving them. Another reason could be because they are insecure about themselves and believe that no one would like them as much as this person, hence he/she fears that if he/she leaves the relationship, he/she will never find someone again. Another one may include that there is some sort of thing that binds them together like a child; they don't want to be separated because they have a child in mind. Possibly, if this person has some sort of mental problems, he/she is still in the relationship because he/she likes to inflict pain on themselves and/or create drama. These are just a few common examples and I'm sure there are plenty more.

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This is a very good question , it depends on the people involved in the relationship , for some people they try to reject the feeling where they dont love the person , some people may be best friends and like their partner very much but they really dont feel any love or coupley affection towards them .. And are unhappy because they dont feel any affection or love towards them , this makes it very compliacted because although some of us really want ot leave the relationship they can't bring it to themselves to  hurt the other person , sometimes its just like someone may be married to their partner but in fact feels they would be happier with someone else , but also feels security with they now partner , its all very hard and complicated , some people in an unhappy relationship don't leave because they can't risk it eg. They have children and dont want to risk having to split them up , some feel like they can't get out of the relationship like one person of  the relationship may be very controlling or wants the other partner to stay and never leave , and they just dont know how to tell their partner they are unhappy , some people dont leave because their partner is abusive or violent to them and they fear that something will happen to them if they leave  It all depends on the persons personality , sometimes age m culture? ( that a wife can't leave their husband unless blah blah ) or they feel insecure and dont want to risk not finding someone that will love them like their current partner .. Etc.

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