Love is in the air today, are there any romantics out there - hey swing in and tell me about love?


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Don’t look for love  1992 (copyright)
Don’t look for Romance – It comes on it’s own
It needs no coercion, its seed is self-sown.
It grows from desire. It cannot be willed,
A passion explosive that cannot be stilled.
Like words of a poem that form when inspired,
Love’s an emotion that need not be fired.
So if you are seeking it – Here is a clue:
You won’t have to look for it… It will find you.
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catherine adams
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Hi again Allabarra Lantern now that is truly beautiful, have you published a book [or two] yet, and sure love does find its way, winding pathways, singing birds, silence and joy, and no way a toy, my shadow free, the right to be - in love[...]v I wave goodbye and say to him 'your love never left me'
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Yes, I am in love with my boyfriend, Henry and he is the love of my life, the one who has my soul, the sweetheart who loves me dearly, and the kettle to my metal.
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Once I had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out, had a heart of glass!
I don't date the ones I love and the ones I date, although I tend to fall in love with them, it always goes sour in the end.
I prefer to keep the ones I truely love in my heart always. If I don't date them I cannot shatter their sweet image. It's nice to love from a distance but it can get lonely at times!
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Well this new girl moved in next door and her little sister say she likes me and I caught her spying on me through her window :)
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Hey they're new and go an say hello to her Wesley, your luck might just come in....enjoy AND have a good day.

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