How would you experience - 'Love is in the Air'?


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Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
I would take my favourite girl up in a hot air balloon, and pay for us both for a 2-hour trip, and whilst up there I would sing to her sweetly : Love Is In the Air; and Up Up and Away; and Come Fly With Me; and, hell, if that wasn't enough to please her, then I would chuck her overboard.
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catherine adams
catherine adams commented
Gee Tony I hope you have given her a parachute first, and after all that excitemen what a climax!
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
Of course! --I wouldn't want her to come to any harm, just part of the thrills....
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Take them on the Th13teen Rollercoaster ride at Alton Towers and then sing the lyrics to "Don't look down" by Go West.
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Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
Surely, 13 is an unlucky number, when it comes to riding rollercoasters, or anything else for that matter..??
I live very near to Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire but I would never consider going on the 13th ride.
Janey commented
That thing is a nightmare Tony- never again lol !

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