I'm Not In Love With My Boyfriend, But He Claims To Be Dearly In Love With Me... I'm Afraid Ill Never Be Able To Fall In Love With Him Due To A Previous Relationship. To All The Girls Out There. HELP! Any Suggestions?... Please


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Well, to be honest I thought that I wouldn't fall in love again after a relationship I had, but that totally changed, maybe your just not letting yourself love him? Because you are worried. Xx
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I agree with okie granny maybe you should consider that it's just because you can't love him . I once dated a guy who everybody said was perfect but when we broke and I dated somebody I found that whatever everybody may see as perfect may not be perfect for you. Talk to your guy about your feelings and think about what you should do
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Your attracted to his kindness and niceness. You're attracted to how good he treats you and the things he does for you, also he's very considerate of you. You may not be completely attracted to him physically. Its cruel to say that you would let Mr. Nice go for a Mr. Attractive, but I would say chemistry plays an important key. If the love is not there within a years time frame, I would say move on, before someone gets hurt because nine times out of 10 , the one who loves the most will get hurt.
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It may not be because of the previous relationship, did you ever consider that?  Unfortunately we all love someone sometime who does not reciprocate, and sometimes someone who loves us, we just can't feel that way about him.  It's the nature of humans and often seem cruel.  It's more likely that you just can't love HIM.  Doesn't matter how 'perfect' he may seem, if it's not there, it's just not there.  On the other hand, if you are convinced it is because of your previous relationship, better examine that deeper.  If there's no hope of getting back together, then you need to move on.  That is often done more effectively when you are not involved with someone.  Being involved with one person while loving another is not the path to happiness.  When you can be happy within yourself you will have better insight into future relationships.  Good luck.
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Give him a chance.
Not always you land up with fake and bad people, he may be your prospective partner.
More than him give yourself some time and a second chance.
Show some love for yourself.

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