I dated a guy for a year I loved him but didnt tell him until we were over & at nc He started going to parties & started to not want to fix things between us we dont speak he still hangs out w my sis every wekend How did he never fall in love with me?


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It doesn't really matter that he didn't fall in love with you cos ...he didn't ... All that matters is  that someday you're going start demanding from other people what you deserve and be willing to "completely"  walk away if what you require isn't being provided. Cos I said so.

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You obviously lacked a very critical level of intimacy .. Given your claim that you never told him you loved him .. That speaks loudly about the dynamics of your relationship.

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Love is not something you hold hostage.
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I guess maybe I didnt love him. I never really found the right moment to tell him. And I always wanted him to say it first but it never crossed his mind I guess. I think he did feel something for me as we were together for a year but maybe the love i think i feel is the feeling of losing someone that was a part of my life for so long that i dont want to lose him. I cared for him greatly and did have feelings for him but maybe I didnt fall in love with him like i thought.
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My point exactly. I don't doubt he cared for you and you for him .. although for what ever reason, your connection didn't 'fully' connect .. there is something to be learned about ever action and interaction we experience. So, don't ever consider it a waste of time .. I imagine you learned a bit about him, a bit about love and even a bit about yourself.
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The fact that a person falls in love does not  mean that the other person also falls in love.

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I never said that. I fell in love with him yes, but we were together for an entire year. It doesnt make sense to me that we dated for that long and he didnt love me. you would think that if a person didnt love the person they were dating for a long time, they would end things so the other person wouldnt end up feeling used & like their time was wasted.
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Clearly he was getting what he wanted (for at least a year) out of the relationship.

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