Why Do People Judge Me On How I Look?


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Most just can't face who they are and it's easier for them to find flaws in someone else.... Don't let them get you down.... Like who you are and enjoy it
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Sometimes I feel like that, too.  Society is stupid a lot of times.  People are afraid of the outside because they're afraid of what might be on the inside.  Humans (maybe creatures in general) fear the things they don't understand.  I'm not saying that you look like a freak, I have the "emo" look most of the time, and when I go out, yes, people do stare at me, but I don't care.  Because those people are being stupid about how I look and they don't understand that people look different from other people.  Some of my friends seriously don't have the kind of style I have, but they don't care.  I say keep being who you really are and don't let other people judge you by your appearance.  There's nothing worse than being someone who you aren't.
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Some times I am judged by people for what I wear…I break a lot of the “norms” apparently! I am a guy....I am a very slender guy at that and I weigh very little lol. So I tend to wear girl jeans and t shirts and stuff because the naturally fit me better, even a guys extra small is to big for me. I like to have tight clothing. I also love boots so I have some uggs and some other types of boots. I don’t dress to look like a girl, I dress to look like a slender guy. I have kind of a modern, New York, emo style which suits me well. I love my clothes...if they sold what I like in the boys section then I would buy it there...I don’t wear girl clothes because they are for girls...and the fact that some of the things that I wear are for girls seems to really bother some people. WHY? Being who I am is worth all the judgement in the world...because being someone else is like death to me. I cannot imagine waking up everyday to put on clothes that are to big and that are meaningless in expressing the real person I am. I have found that more people like me for the way I dress and my individuality. It seems to be the people that I love like family and stuff that really judge me the hardest...that’s sad for them! Be you its worth it...people will love you if you let them :)
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People in general tend to be shallow and say some very shallow (and stupid) things

What shallow people say isn't of any real value and you'd do well to ignore them IMO

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Because people have a bad habit of judging anyone who looks or is different than them. I do have to say though that you say one thing in your post yet your screen name is "unlovable", which seems kind of depressing to me.

It's difficult to tell from the picture, but you look like a normal, and pretty 14 year old girl. I just read your profile and your are artistic and creative it seems. Don't worry about what other people think,  just live your life and do what makes you happy (so long as it isn't harmful). How boring would the world be if we were all the same?
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The reason people judge others is usually because they don't want to look at themselves. It is much easier to pick you apart than to to pick themselves apart. The best thing you can do is just let it go and maybe pray for them. I tell my kids they are perfect just the way they are because God made all of us and He don't make no junk.
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People do that because society has been built up on what advertisers and commercials depict as beauty. Who are they to define a person as being beautiful? My advice to you is to stay strong, forgive and forget,show your inner beauty, and be one of the few people who judge people not by their appearance, but by their hearts.-Trey
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People should not judge a person on what they look like. They should judge them on how they are in the inside that counts. If nobody likes the way I look then they can forget about being my friend. I have a niece that has a lip ring.I have no business judging the way she looks.  She is old enough to do what she want's to do. So people should not judge one another.
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Look it don't matter what other people think about you for as long as
you are happy with yourself and you aren't doing anything to hurt the
people you love meaning your friends, family you shouldn't let other people hurt
you. If I were you I would use wit to beat them especially if they do
those sort of things knowing you can hear, because that's mean and even
though two wrongs don't make a right, self defence counts as something
which is at times righteous and this is coming from a muslim who at firsted was hated at his school but was able to change all that
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I'm a bit chubby but people think I'm fat, I'm really pissed off, everyone has to be so judgmental and they only care about my appearance not my personality. Some others rumour of how weird looking I am, and now they are Discriminating me of my accent even though they have a worse accent than mine, everyone hates me and only a few friends of mine don't Discriminate me and I'm glad:) while the rest are fake friends cause they made fun of how I look too but they only told my other friends until they told me about it, no matter how much I try to look good it always messes up its because of my stupid nose, I always try to take a bath every day and make my hair look good but it still doesn't work even if I add a nice smell it doesn't work, but you should ignore those rude negative thoughts on your mind and think of the positive stuff about you, just stay the way you are and don't mind those other ones they aren't perfectly beautiful either so just be yourself and make people see from who you are with personality
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Let me start by saying you should be commended for being  strong enough  to be who  you are and not letting others influence you into being who THEY think you should be !!That being said , I think that society judges people solely on what the media portrays as "normal."If you don't fit in that category than others see you as strange, without taking the time to get to know you as a person.For them it is safer to live in that shallow little world and not have to accept that maybe they also are a little strange. If more people had your courage this world would be a far better place with more open minded people .
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Look at my picture... Would you believe I used to have foot long white dreads? I have ink but I can cover it up. People are just people, if you find one that cares more about someone else then themselves keep them around. They are extremely rare! I can relate and that's why I'm writing this. Don't push everyone away, expand on the friendships you have and make as many as possible while your young. Or one day you'lll look around and you'll be alone. Don't give up. You don't want to be an adult with no friends. I know.
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When i think of how alone i am i try to think of the lack of influence i am getting(in a positive way) so that i somehow know i am 'being myself', it helps me from taking things out of perspective and keeps me moving forward in a new direction waiting for some sort of an opportunity to prove myself and also just be myself. Sorry about the ramble but i doing a search and came across your comment and wanted to say something...we are all alone together.
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~Salde~ Thank you... Awesome perspective, I'll be reading this more then once...
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Why can't I judge you? You don't just pick the way you look, what music you listen to and etc. Randomly, you do so with a purpose. So I can judge you based on these things because they indicate things about you.

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