Is It Possible To Be With Just ONE Person For The Rest Of Your Life?


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Sure, it is possible to be with one person for your whole life. My parents were, and so are many other couples that I know. The odds are with those people who know themselves very well and are emotionally well-edjusted, who have a commitment to their partners and a willingness to give and take, and who are mature enough to understand what life may hold. Often, such couples also share a common faith or belief system.

Good luck; if your boyfriend is the right one for you, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!
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Oh yes dear, it's possible. My husband and I were together from the time I was a young lass, and he a strapping young lad. We were married for a full 45 years, and loved each other very much, god rest his soul. He was a clever and handsome man even to the day he passed! Yes, love and life with one special person is not only possible, it's an absolute delight with the right man. Good luck to ye, dear. I hope y find it too.
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Sure, if you die tomorrow.
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Anything is possible when 2 people have feelings for each other. It all depends on how hard BOTH parties want the relationship to last.It takes a lot of work and is a rare thing now a days. Good luck.
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Yes, I agree. These days, marriages don't last as long as they used to anymore. So, it is quite rare indeed. I strickly believe it is society's fault for that.

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