I'm interested in my coworker. We banter and we're playful. He teases me, I hit him. Our coworkers tease us too. They comment how we'd make a good couple and they could already see our children. I'm so confused. Is he interested?


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It all depends if he has a girlfriend. If he does it isn't something you should play around with. If you find out he doesn't or if you ask him and he says no ask if he'd wanna hang out sometime after work, then see where it takes you from there.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Well, it sure sounds like it to me ! 

Usually a relationship at the work place doesn't work out very often though. Talk to him some and learn about him and maybe he'll ask you out. Sure can't hurt!

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

If he was really interested in you, you two wouldn't be playing grade school games at work here and what your co-workers are talking about would be more of a reality than just a thought. 

Now why he hasn't pushed this farther is anyones guess at this point but something tells me hes either gay or already involved in a secret relationship so he's only playing a dangerous game here where you will be the loser with all the pain. 

 So if you want to find out and put an end to these games, ask him outright what he wants and then go from there. Just don't keep playing these games as its not helping anyone here.  Good luck

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Gina Harrington
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Thank you for your input. I actually just discovered from my other coworkers that the coworker I'm interested hasn't dated anyone or had a girlfriend since they've know him. To their knowledge, at least. The guy is very playful with me. We banter like we're children and he seems to playfully push my buttons.
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It certainly sounds as though he likes you a lot. Having playful banter is a great start to any relationship, romantic or otherwise.

The difficulty comes when determining if the banter is just that, or if it is an indication that something deeper is going on. And this is a tough call to make! Particularly with a co-worker.

The problem with getting along so well with work colleagues is that neither of you are choosing to spend time together. If you hang out all the time outside of work, that's different, but if it's just at work then whilst you undoubtedly have a connection, who's to say the banter isn't just a fun way to make it through the day (and your other colleagues are maybe getting carried away?).

The truth is, you won't know unless you ask, which is always super awkward in a work environment if it doesn't go the way you want!

My advice is to try and create some opportunities where you get to spend time together outside of work- either alone or in a group- and see how he acts in those situations. A different setting away from the office could be exactly what is needed to prompt him into making a move if he is keen... So you have nothing to lose.

And don't listen to what anyone says, sometimes office romances are the best!

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