My coworker is freaking me out, I'm only 17, he's like what 30? He's always staring at me and he feels entitled like I have to talk to him because he made me food he's a cook he's like. You've been ignoring me all morning you gotta talk to me


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Lol :) I guess part of my answer was a bit too much :p but how is anyone gonna know what I meant by " tie " ;)
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He's like so weird, he hasn't tried touching me so Idk what to complain about but I get a weird vibe from him like I wanna get away fast
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Just look at him and say ...  Shall we  get HR  to settle and break this tie or are you gonna back the" fook" off me ? ;) ... I've worked in a predominantly male  work force all my life ... I find putting them  in their place and speaking up for yourself works ... I've never had to file a formal complaint against anyone and I have found if you can settle issues on your own you will get more respect .... If you can not ... No shame in in going to HR... You don't have to put up with that crap  either way .

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As uncomfortable as it is, you may just have to say the words "I feel uncomfortable and I need my space" . No need to be rude, just make a point.

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I made a mistake of talking too much to a guy who was 31 when I was 17 when I worked at a gym. He liked the challenge of trying to get to a younger girl and wouldn't leave me alone. The method I used was putting a ring on my finger and saying my "boyfriend" gave it to me as a promise ring. Pathetic way to do things but he wouldn't stop bothering me over a course of a year. It did work though haha

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OK, I can't say I was ever in your shoes but speaking as a father of two daughters who went through similiar issues I suggest you confront the individual in a raised voice in front of others in the work environment. Be specific and tell him what you don't like and what you want him to do. Exposing him may temper his actions.

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A FLIRTATIOUS stare, a “compliment” with sexual overtones, an obscene joke, an overtly sexual touch—such treatment, when unwelcome and repeated, often amounts to what can be called sexual harassment. Never give the impression that maybe you are kind of interested. If the situation escalates, do not try to handle things alone. Try talking it over with your parents or other mature adults. They may have some practical suggestions for dealing with the situation.

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