My Parents Don't Trust Me, How Do I Get Their Trust Back?


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First of all...its not YOU he doesn't trust, its the guys. Your dad wants to be sure that you don't wind up on a milk carton, lost, stalked, kidnapped, killed. It's his JOB, sis! He LOVES YOU!!!

What your dad knows....for guys, sex is fun. For women, sex is a drug.
Your body makes a hormone called oxytocin. It will bond you emotionally to any guy who makes love with you on a regular basis. This guy could be a total loser, but once you make love with him, especially frequently!! You will bond with him and it will be hard to pry you apart. Given enough time and with a little control, you can screen out the losers yourself. But being young, its your dads job to help you out, even though you wish your dad might move to another planet.

Yes, I am a parent and I also work with teen age guys after school.
Your dad will actually trust you once you agree with him, give him feedback when you weed out the obvious losers, THANK HIM! For being there to protect you, and basically when you show maturity, and appreciation, you start to get some back.

Trust me on this? It really works this way!

A loving parent who also had a very overprotective dad who I lost 2 years ago to cancer. No man, anywhere, ever, could replace him!!

Are you a guy or girl or gay or straight? Doesn't matter. Your dad obviously cares about you a lot. How lucky! Very lucky! You are to have him!!
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nerreece love answered
Maybe you should be asking your dad that. He would be able to give you a better answer then we can. He knows what you would need to do to get his trust again. So my advice is to sit and talk with your father and ask him that question.
Obey their rules and be kind
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You have to be willing to prove to them that you can be honoring Them. And what they're telling you.. Have faith in them.  Trust in what they're telling you to be true. They are hear to help you. In ever way they can.and you have to start Relizing this..and give them a chance to be your parents.. You have to must be willing to take their advice. And make a change for the Better..    Then thay will trust you..  

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