How Does The Moon Effect Love And Sex?


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Will Martin answered
A lot of research has been done into the effect of the moon on just about everything -crime figures, mental illness, people's love lives - and the answer is always the same - you can't prove any correlation at all between moon phases and human behaviour. It seems lunar gravity is too weak to affect us anyway. You can get an overview of these findings here.

however, could the many people who do feel sexy, restless or whatever when the moon is full, actually be reacting to something else? Ie, moonlight? It's bright, beautiful and eerie, it makes things look different - reason enough to feel an effect without gravitational forces. Makes sense to me anyway - what do you think?
william howell Profile
william howell answered
I would say yes,if nothing else,the beautiful visual effects are conducive to amorous feelings!!--the full moon,that is.
Holland Jones Profile
Holland Jones answered
Moon phases are real and impressive. They affect everything in the earth.
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Amanda Amanda answered
It doesn't it is just a gimpic that people can up with to make easy money.

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